The Impact of Kairos (10:00)

Testimony of Kairos Participant - Brandon Lloyd (3:57)

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcement with actor Clifton Davis (2:00)

Kairos Torch PSA with actor Clifton Davis (1:05)

My Kairos Moments with actress Nancy Stafford (5:16)


The Kairos Experience - Kairos in Australia (5:19)

Kairos Prison Ministry Australian Public Service Announcement with Sky News Journalist Leigh Hatcher (2:28)

Kairos Promotional Videos

Both Sides of the Wall (4:00)

Both Sides of the Wall (14:12)

Both Sides of the Wall - The Full Version (21:00)

Kairos Outside Promotional Video (10:03)

The True Meaning of Kairos Outside (16:03)

Kairos Prison Ministry - Our Cursillo Roots (11:16)

Kairos Torch Works (7:23)

Kairos Testimonial Videos

Kairos at Smith State prison (Glennville, GA) (8:55)

Testimony of Kairos Participant - Brandon Lloyd (3:57)

My First Kairos (4:35)

Kairos Prison Ministry - A testimony by Indiana volunteer Bobby Armstrong (5:30)

Kairos of North Mississippi testimonials from volunteers (3:51)

Discovering Christ in Prison - Paul Gray (18:24)

Kairos South Africa (4:27)

Kairos Prison Ministry testimonies of Volunteers and Participants (6:29)

Kairos Music Videos

My Kairos (5:23)

My Kairos Music Video (5:55)

My Redeemer Lives - Silent Men's Choir - Marion Correctional Institution (5:59)

Kairos Torch Music Video (3:09)

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