Advisory Council Downloads

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Advisory Council Operating Procedures

Policy - Annual Advisory Council Report

Advisory Council Report or Editable Version.
Use after each annual election and as changes occur. Email completed report to the Kairos of Georgia Secretary

Kairos_Institutional_Memorandum or Kairos_Institutional_Memorandum Editable Version.

Guide for Choosing Inmates for Kairos Weekends ChoosingInmates or ChoosingInmates-Editable.

Interest Card

Passing_KairosDonor_On KairosDonor - Step by Step instructions for handing off to a new Financial Secretary or Editable Version

donor_order_form nor Disc Order Form - Use to request new or replacement Donor software or donor_order_form_Editable Version

Start-up Kit for a New Kairos Community

Kairos Outreach Presentation Guide