Financials Downloads

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Financial Policies and Practices

FPP Job Descriptions


GA SCC Mileage

SCC Mileage example - Check request mileage example

Receipt Log

Request for Cash Advance
- Leader advance limited to $200
- Coordinator Advance limited to $3500 (not available until 4 weeks prior to weekend)

Cash Advance Clearing Worksheet

Check Request Form
- Original receipts must be submitted and individually taped to 8.5" sheets of paper
- After approval by your AC Donor Coordinator send report along with original reports to:
- Walter Larry:
Walter Larry C/O PVS
Deerfield Corporate Center One
13010 Morris Road Ste 650
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Property Loan Agreement Form or Editable Version.

Click Here For Instructions on How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser
- Please remember to put Kairos plus Advisory Council or State name in the fundraiser title
or you may not receive your funds.