Kairos Weekend and AKT Calendar

Weekend Reunion Calendar

Weekend Reunion Calendar

Attention Weekend Leaders: If you desire international prayer coverage for your
weekend you can register your weekend at https://www.prayervigils.net
and they will set up an online prayer vigil for you.

Fundraising Kalendar

● Some people dislike loose change…..but….save it anyway
● Your loose change can help with spreading God’s love to those that are incarcerated
● Who loves pizza, burgers, BBQ and other great food? Do you like having gatherings with ones you love?
● Yes? GREAT! Then with your spare change and competitiveness with those in your household you can share your love as well as God’s Love.
● You may ask why competitiveness? Because you can see who raises the most in your household, your bible study group or even the whole

●● This calendar also helps with social distancing
●● You can you use a jar, cup or even just make a list of your amounts and add it up at the end of the month for your total

● Then you can give that amount through the Kairos.org or give to your local Kairos team!

Download the Kairos Fundraising_Kalender