Kairos Inside Downloads

To enable all features, please be sure to download the forms to your computer and then open

Applications for Kairos Inside Team Members or Editable Version.

Sponsorship Program Information or Editable Version

Sponsor Information Form

Sponsorship Color Brochure or Editable Version

Applications for Kairos Closing or Editable Version.

Kairos Brochure - Great resource to distribute to prospective volunteers. Editable Version

Universal Medical Information Form for Team Members (Voluntary Use Only) Editable Version.

Kairos of Georgia Letterhead (some may require request for Sponsorship/Donations on official letterhead) Editable Version

Kairos Inside Participant Data:
Access to Kairos participant data is considered sensitive
and made available to Weekend Leaders, Advisory
Council Chairs, and Institution Chaplains upon request.
Please email all requests to the Kairos of Georgia
Participant Data Coordinator at:

Kairos Inside Graduation Certificate Editable

Kairos Outside Package for Kairos Inside Graduates (handout at Closing) -
Kairos Outside Information
Kairos Outside Brochure
Kairos Outside Information (Spanish Version)
Kairos Outside Brochure (Spanish Version)
Kairos Outside Guest Reservation Form from Resident
Kairos Outside Guest Reservation Form from Resident (Spanish Version)
Resident Letter to Kairos Outside Guest